Mismash means mixture, miscellaneous; an original, yet contrasting, combination of elements. This is exactly what our brand is: a mixture of original and elegant patterns and delicate applications that makes each item a perfect mix of power and sensitivity.
Our collections
Our garments are carefully designed to create a romantic and elegant collection that fits perfectly.
The clothes are simple and cute and provide a feminine look for all occasions. Our goal is to provide to fashion-conscious women a modern and affordable wardrobe. It is an easy- to-wear collection, made of colourful prints and attractive patterns.
Our customers
The Mismash woman is confident and style conscious. She follows the fashion trends and loves to mix and match different styles in her wardrobe. She is very keen on affordable garments, which gives her the freedom to change her look frequently.
Our inspiration
Our designs are inspired by the air of the Mediterranean, and the brightness, the wit and the attitude of Barcelona, the city where Mismash has been born.
Therefore, each time you were one of these garments, you wear a bit of Barcelona.