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A bohemian fashion label.

For the sun drenched souls with the moon on their minds and salt water in their hair.

In a world that's constantly trying to shape them, they choose to live free.

Created by sister duo Nellie and Denise, Lost in Lunar was born out of a mutual love for travel, exploration and creativity.

Inspired by the light hearted and carefree spirit of the modern bohemian, the sisters sought to create a label that embraced individuality and self-expression.    


Our free spirited and effortless aesthetic is the true heart of our brand, allowing even the most modern of bohemians an outlet to express herself free from the rules of restrictions.

Lost in Lunar embraces and explores sensory fabrications within it's designs, pairing fluid shapes with their signature prints and intricate detailing.

In 2015, Lost in Lunar (formerly Wilde Heart the Label) shed its junior image and evolved into a more mature and contemporary brand. 

Designed in Melbourne Australia, Lost in Lunar frequently debuts new pieces, allowing the customer to update their wardrobe with new looks, colours and styles on a regular basis.


The Lost in Lunar girl lives freely through travel, music and fashion. She mixes modern with the traditional, with tonal and textual elements the core of her style. 

Sun kissed and carefree, she is the embodiment of individuality and creative spirit.

The Lost in Lunar girl is savvy, utilising social media as a way of connecting with other salty haired, sandy-toed souls who share her passion for creativity and individuality.